Smartphone Usage In Australia Continues To Grow 

iPhone X gigabit LTE

A new report indicates that nine out of every ten Australian consumers own smartphones and they are holding on to their phones for longer, consuming a greater amount of data and using their devices to stream video content on demand. Globally smartphones have penetrated every market and at an incredibly rapid clip.

Nine out of ten own smartphones

Last year the number of people in the UK with smartphone 85% exceeded those with laptops 78% illustrating just how fast this relatively young technology has become ubiquitous. In Australia the effects are far more prominent. Last year the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey polled 2,000 Australians and 89 per cent said they owned a smartphone up a per cent from the previous year and five per cent from two years prior.

Smartphones are ubiquitous

As was the case in the UK Australians are also far more likely to own a smartphone today than a laptop with only 76 per cent of Australians saying they had access to a laptop. A Deloitte spokesperson said that the smartphone is not more central to the way we work with 70 per cent of Australians using their smartphones to do work. It is also integral to the way we access entertainment and how we live our lives.

Apple and Samsung dominate

The market in Australia continues to be dominated by Samsung and Apple with Apple having 42 per cent of the market and Samsung having 35% market share according to those that were polled. The market is now close to saturation. Another interesting fact is that smartphone penetration amongst the silver surfers or consumers aged 55 or older has grown the most. Smartphones are the preferred device for short video whilst TV’s are preferred for streaming VoD.

Streaming continues to dominate

Despite those facts a growing number of Australians are using their smartphones to watch long-form content regularly as a result of better streaming rates and falling data costs.  As 5G is introduced, streaming onto mobile devices is likely to continue to grow quickly. Currently 25 per cent of those polled said they used their mobiles to watch live television on a weekly basis which is an increase of 6 per cent from the previous year. In 2016 the number was just 6 per cent of all smartphone users.

The market is saturated

It is clear that Australians are more willing to use their smartphones to entertain themselves no matter what time of day it is. However, it does appear that phone fatigue does appear to be setting in. A large percentage of adults are now under the impression they are on their phones too much. A large number are now trying to limit the amount of times they spend on their phones. 25-34-year olds seem to be feeling this most acutely with almost two-thirds now trying to cut down their usage, whilst the 45-54-year olds seem the least inclined.