Samsung Fixes Problems With Galaxy Fold 

Galaxy Fold

Samsung may be preparing for the resurrection of its Galaxy Fold. According to news agencies, the Korean consumer electronics titan has solved the issues that resulted in the review units breaking ahead of the US$2,000 foldable device’s launch in April. As per the news reports, the company has apparently addressed the two big flaws that broke the device and ended up forcing the launch to be delayed indefinitely.

The adhesive

The first issue was the polymer adhesive that covered the plastic foldable display. The review units had a layer that covered the display that looked like it was some sort of pre-installed screen protector. Not surprisingly, some reviewers ended up peeling of the display on to learn the display had been destroyed after having done so. To stop consumers from mistakenly removing the protective layer, Samsung has chosen to cover the entire display area instead of stopping just short near the edges of the bezel.

Stopping debris

The second issue that caused problems that Samsung has apparently now fixed was stopping debris from becoming trapped beneath the display. According to websites that tear down the device, the Fold had a hinge that allowed particles to lodge inside the device and underneath the display which would result in abnormal bulges. News agencies say that Samsung has revamped the design of the hinge and reduced the gap on the Fold so that debris cannot make its way in.

Re-release imminent

If both fixes end up working, then the Galaxy Fold will end up being on track for a re-release. The only hold up seems to be that the device needs to be certified again in order for it to be eligible to e sold on mobile networks. DJ Koh who heads up Samsung’s mobile business says the company has reviewed all the defects and that the launch of device would not be delayed by much.