iPhone 11 Pro Max Review

iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you would like to purchase the largest Apple flagship phone in 2019 with the longest lasting battery, then the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the phone to buy. This is a beast of a device and its sheer size means it is not suited for everybody. If you want a smaller sized device then you opt for the iPhone 11 Pro without really having to sacrifice anything at all. This is a big heavy device, but all of that is very reassuring. Here is a full review: 

The design 

There is no question the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a large device. It is heavier than the iPhone XS Max and is the heaviest iPhone Apple has ever made. If you would like a svelte device then this really is not the phone for you because the additional weight is immediately noticeable. Apple has strengthened the glass on both the front and back and the phone is waterproof. Even with the stronger glass the iPhone 11 Pro Max still needs a case because it is not possible to be confident the phone would survive a drop. The design remains the same and is identical to the iPhone X and XS. There is no home button and the bezel is the same size all the way around. On the rear of the device is a new frosted matte finish with larger camera hump. It does look much better in the hand than it does in its images. 

The display & battery 

The OLED display on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 6.5-inches and is stunning which is obviously better for watching movies and playing games. Apple has branded the display Super Retina XDR. The display continues to be defined by the notch which hides a number of sensors including the front camera. This device has the longest lasting battery and will easily get you through to a second day on a single charge. It does feel like Apple has or the first time focused on battery life rather than width and weight. There is a USB-C plug that comes in the box that will charge the device fully in 110 minutes. 

The processor and OS 

The A13 Bionic chip on the iPhone 11 Pro Max combined with iOS 13 is arguably the finest ecosystem around. You will also benefit from the fact the device should last a good few years and will continue to receive the latest iOS updates. Combined with 4GB RAM and the new chip, the iPhone 11 Pro Max tops benchmark charts and handles any task thrown at it with ease. All that additional power should come in useful a few years down the line. 

Storage and camera 

Storage remains an issue but it is now possible to purchase 256GB and 512GB models if you want. Dark mode on the iPhone 11 Pro Max looks great on the large OLED panel. Whilst there is no 5G yet there is support for Wi-Fi 6.  The camera on the device is one of the most versatile systems around and since the camera set up has already been reviewed with the iPhone 11 Pro, we won’t go into much detail except to say it is a three ultra-wide-angle lens and 12MP and allows the user to shoot some fantastic photos. 

The verdict 

Whilst it does seem like a small update superficially, this is actually a large improvement. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a fantastic device thanks to its fabulous battery life and camera. This smartphone is as versatile as anything else on the market and its large display makes it a joy to watch movies and play games. All of this costs money of course and it costs a serious bit of cash to own. You may be better off instead with the regular iPhone 11 in terms of affordability. The bulk of the device may not be for everyone. If you have the money then this is an obvious choice.