Australia Tops The Digital Quality Of Life Index

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Australia has leapt to the top of a global digital quality of life index thanks to extremely affordable mobile internet and despite the fact that fixed line connectivity delivers some of the slowest internet speeds in the word. Australia topped a list of 65 countries this year in the Digital Quality of Life Index released by Surfshark and internet privacy company. France ranked second whilst Singapore came in at third position.

Massive data sets

Researchers looked at data from a population of over 5.5 billion from databases that are free and open source owned by the UN, the World Bank, International Telecom Union and Freedom house. Researchers then ranked each country’s ‘digital quality of life’. The researchers then ranked every country based on a set of criteria including speed, affordability, security, data protection and the quality of e-government services.

Affordable mobile internet

According to the report, mobile data in Australia is the most affordable in the list of countries ranked. It is also one of the few places in the world where mobile data is faster than fixed line broadband whose speeds rank alongside countries with the lowest digital quality of life. In terms of fixed line broadband, Australia ranked 42nd in the world, above Brazil and behind Uruguay. Fixed line broadband in Australia is also expensive, especially when the speed is considered.

5G is critical

Generally speaking, countries with lower digital quality of life typically have more affordable fixed line broadband internet compared to Australia. Obviously, the roll out of 5G networks lies at the heart of what makes or breaks Australia over the next decade in terms of economic and social perspectives over the coming decade. From a technical perspective, for 5G to work, there is a requirement for lots of fibre in the ground, plus cell towers. There is plenty of hard infrastructure necessary for soft wireless internet to work.