Apple Launches AirPods Pro

Apple Launches AirPods Pro

After its recent Beats Solo Refresh, Apple has launched a new set of AirPods that incorporate noise-cancelling technology. AirPods Pro are wireless headphones that come with microphones to detect external sound and cancel those sounds out. According to Apple, the noise cancellation adapts the sound signal two hundred times per second. The new AirPods Pro also have a transparency mode that allows users to filter environmental noise into the headphones.

Better sound quality

Apple says the new AirPod Pro delivers superior sound quality using automatic tuning that users will find very useful. In contrast to standard AirPods, the AirPods Pro feature silicon tips and a design that focuses on in-ear style design. The improvements should deliver a better fit and improve noise cancellation even when the feature is switched off. The Pro version comes with an H1 chip that can be found inside the second-generation version of the product. The H1 chip enable AirPods Pro to seamlessly pair and sync across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, and allows hands-free access to Siri.

Everyone can use them

Whilst it is obvious these features are designed for customers who are well entrenched within the Apple ecosystem, the new headphones will also work with Android and other devices not within the ecosystem. Users will miss out on a small number of features and they will be forced to own a Lightning cable to recharge or a wireless charger if they prefer. The buds should last up to four-and-a-half hours on a single charge with noise-cancelling on, or five hours with it switched off. With the charging case include, users should be able to use the AirPods Pro for as many as 24 hours.